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As a multi-platinum music producer, singer, songwriter and former MC born and raised in the city of Mount Vernon, New York. Which boarders the birthplace to the home of hip hop the Bronx. I guess you can say that Eric McCaine was in the right place at the right time during the start of the movement we know as “Hip Hop” as part of the one of the pioneering group’s from that is era Infinity featuring the Grand Mixer D.ST & the Infinity Rappers. 

Exposed to Hip Hop in its rawest and truest form, has helped define Aerick’s avant-garde sound and the ability to create and grow with such a newness while at the same time incorporating his Boom Bap roots.  As a performer/entertainer, he’s had the great opportunity to perform and tour through out the world. In fact, while in high school, during Aerick’s rap days, he had the remarkable fortune to tour Europe. It was, this tour that made history in the timeline of Hip Hop for being the first International Hip Hop tour entitled, “The New York City Rap Tour" featuring: GrandMixer DXT (formerly D.ST) & The Infinity Rappers (Shahiem & myself the Godfather KC), Afrika Bambaataa, the Rock Steady Break Dance Crew, the McDonalds Double Dutch Girls, Graffiti Artists: Phase 2, Futura 2000, Fab 5 Freddie, Rammellzee, and Dondi. It was a very special time, parts of Europe became exposed to the culture, which resulted in Hip Hop’s fast growing popularity worldwide and still. 

Respectfully and creatively inspired by many styles in reflection of the Hip Hop movement, it was time to put down the mic as a rapper, naturally gravitating to the composing and writing aspects of his innate talent as an overall artist. Aerick, found his singing voice and began singing, composing and writing lyrics. Soon after, he founded the House/Dance group Touch. As the lead singer, producer and composer of the smash club classic “WithOut You”, quintessential New York Garage Music at it’s best. Also, charting Top 10 on the Billboard Dance charts, it’s no surprise his group Touch, became a sought after club act performing through out the country. Performing in some of the most prestigious clubs ever known:The Paradise Garage, Red Parrot, Studio 54, Club Zanzibar, The Tunnel, Silver Shadow, 1018, Bentleys and the list goes on... 

It’s no surprise after disbanding, Eric founded the duo, Entouch along with former band mate Free, in the early 90’s at yet another musical forefront during the new jack swing era. Entouch, created a new genre in the game by combining sampled based Hip Hop with R&B. As a result the classic timeless song was created called “II Hype” along with another 10 ten song entitled All Nite that featured label mate Keith Sweat. Entouch toured the country and played at some of the world’s greatest arenas, theaters, and festivals from the world famous Apollo, Madison Square Garden and many other venues across the country. Also appearing on television shows such as Soul Train, Showtime at the Apollo, and BET’s Video Soul. 

Creating, evolving and producing music has always come first for Eric. Its the backbone of an award-winning, multi-faceted urban/pop career that includes multi-platinum landmark songs. (including such signature hits as “Twisted” Keith Sweat, “Got What U Need” Eve, “Top Down” Swizz Beatz, Entouch “II Hype”… Aerick has received numerous accolades such as Grammy and Soul Train Music Nominations, American Music Awarded, and ASCAP Award Winning Composer/Publisher and Multi-Platinum Producer, further recognized in the music industry, for his varied and diverse talents in genres including but certainly not limited to: Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and Dance. Leaving no stone unturned, Aerick began scoring music to picture namely, composing, and singing commercial spots for television/cable and film, in addition to having his scoring talent featured and placed on the soundtracks for film, video games. 

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